Dear Professor Mahta Moghaddam, Editor, IEEE,

The three weeks you gave Pieraccini and Selleri in April was far too short for P&S to reply to "Conflation", my comment on their article “Catt’s anomaly”. .  Please give them a more reasonable two months. We need a considered reply. They do write about the fundamentals, after a fashion.




For some reason I did not realise that P&S say the central feature of Catt's theory is exactly the opposite of what it (and Heaviside’s) really is. Of course, "The Catt Question", which they call "Catt's anomaly", is a Question, and has nothing to do with any Catt theory. However, this falsification of Catt and Heaviside theory is damaging.

I would repeat that we can all get out of this mess, where the IEEE, in a peer reviewed journal, has falsified Catt's work, if you invite me to write a paper on electromagnetic theory. The IEEE published me extensively for many years, e.g. , but blocked me for the next 50 years. . The IEEE has rejected for publication Catt theory for 50 years, and now misrepresents it.

Ivor Catt.   30 May 2016 - Pieraccini and Selleri

However, in our opinion, Catt probably misinterprets the concepts of charge and field. The “Anomaly” is there because in his view, currents are the source of the TEM wave, and should be there before the wave they cause. 


Catt said the opposite 200 times.

A Google search for

"we reverse this" + heaviside + catt

has 200 hits.

Catt's life work, following Heaviside, is based on the field causing the current, not the current the field.

In Heaviside's magnificent, regal statement, "We reverse this." In his Electrical Papers, vol. 1, 1892, page 438, Heaviside wrote;

Now, in Maxwell's theory there is the potential energy of the displacement produced in the dielectric parts by the electric force, and there is the kinetic or magnetic energy of the magnetic force in all parts of the field, including the conducting parts. They are supposed to be set up by the current in the wire [Theory N]. We reverse this; the current in the wire is set up by the energy transmitted through the medium around it [Theory H]….  1 , 2


Ivor Catt  31 May 2016


March 2016