Ad hominem

Is mathematics the language of science?


However, Pelosi is said to have claimed responsibility for editing the libellous article .

Now I’ve worked it out. Stone, as Editor, handed over the editing of the libellous P&S article to Pelosi as Associate Editor,

 not knowing, or not caring, that the author P was an associate of Pelosi in the same department of Florence University, , with the resulting increased conflict of interest.

Here, Associate Editor Pelosi also advertised the novel by his colleague Pieraccini, in a peer reviewed “scientific” journal!

I don’t believe it is a best seller. 3 years later it has only been translated into Polish. The promotion failed.

Pelosi also said Catt was “outside of academia and structured research”. Peer reviewed character assassination.

Ivor Catt.  19 June 2016


Dear Dr. Ross Stone,

"I invite Dr. Ross Stone to express his views on the above process as well, due to his higher degree of familiarity with the article in question, since the article was published while he was at the helm of the Magazine." - Professor Mahta Moghaddam, Editor.

Did you express your views?

Why did you publish such an ad hominem attack on me without first getting in touch with me? My email address was easy to find. at the top of my website home page

[11 February 2017. No reply received. – Ivor Catt] “The institutional despotism that punishes, persecutes, torments,

and silences anyone challenging [or even asking for clarification of] scientific .... dogma.”


"an engineer and amateur scientist" ; "in his opinion, electric charge doesn’t exist!"; "Catt has claimed to have found a fatal flaw in electromagnetism, which he named, with a sense of drama, “The Catt’s Anomaly”" [not correct] ; "he has compared himself to Dingle rather than Einstein" ;  "He purports to develop a new electromagnetic theory" ; "The academic word did not take Catt seriously much. This was not only because most of Catt’s publications were often in technical and not scientific journals."; 

See some of Catt's IEEE publications;

“Catt’s anomaly”


In contrast, the present editor, Professor Mahta Moghaddam, wrote on April 29; "It is my hope that we can address this topic in a way that is most scientifically informative and useful for our readership."


Ivor Catt  3 May 2016