Dear co-authors,

I suspect, and Dr. David Walton agreed on the phone recently, that over the decades we have been told that what is needed is for us to come up with an experiment the results of which will differentiate between our theory and classical theory.

I myself suspect that that has often been said to us, but I have not kept a record.

To fill in the gap, I shall be very grateful if each one of you emails me saying how much in your recollection such a thing has been said to you. That will fill the void. I only need your rough estimate as to the frequency of such demands.

[I expect the results of such an experiment to be ignored by all accredited experts professors and text book writers. { As I predicted, worldwide, all those professors and text book writers whose reputations rest wholly or partly on electromagnetic theory refuse to make any comment in writing on the results of the experiment, now published . Ivor Catt, 21 July 2013.}]

Ivor Catt Sept. 2012




Hello Ivor
I would say that question comes up on about 50% of the occasions when I discuss the

Dave Walton




Hello Ivor, Dave & Mike,


it's difficult to put a percentage figure on this, however, I'd say maybe 25% - 30% have proffered such suggestions. The key is that this suggestion is part of the rejection process anyway, individuals are not desirous of enlightenment, they are merely concerned about retaining the status quo.


How is it that in the age of unlimited communications because of the internet physicists and electronic/electrical engineers still retain the notion of displacement current? We have known for 30 over years that the reason so called "current" flows in a capacitor is because there is a difference between the energy travelling left to right and right to left at any instance. As soon as these are equal we measure zero.


To excise Displacement current and adopt a more coherent theory is a step too far for the vast majority of "scientists" who are ego driven rather than principle driven. To embrace truth and be marginalized by one's community takes courage which few dare. They prefer the so called illusion of security and acceptance by one's peers.


Even when the article comes out, not much chance of any change taking place. The thing about the lumped models is that they are good models doing a good job of approximating reality. It's only when you get down to the details that it all falls apart.


Native Americans have a saying; "It is impossible to waken a man who pretends to be asleep". Me thinks this is quite apropos in this situation. None of this is about truth/knowledge accurate models etc. it's about caring to know and having the courage to step outside of your comfort zone.


In aggressive cultures we can talk about "us" and "them", whether it's tribal warfare, politics, religion, sports etc. We must demonize the "other" to justify our position. So even if they are right, we will conjure up a rationale for them to be wrong.


Yours Truly,






24 September 2012 I expect the experimental results which call for paradigm change will be ignored by all accredited experts professors and text book writers. Those who today control scientific communication now realise that, as professionals, they cannot allow even the suggestion of Paradigm Change .