After a career of fifty years studying electromagnetism, Catt talks at more than one level.

Skipping to and from between levels is unhelpful, particularly if questions are confused with theory. A question is not a theory.

1. Within the framework of classical electromagnetism, with questions. Classical theory is not in doubt. These are merely enquiries about details in that theory. 1 . 2 When a TEM step travels along a transmission line at the speed of light, , does the vertical line in involve displacement current, and does it cause magnetic field? If so, is this field in the horizontal plane? 3. Can we send two pulses in opposite directions in a coaxiaL cable to pass through each other? When two pulses travel through each other in a coaxial cable so that the electric currents are cancelling, and there is no net electric current, following Oersted, what causes the magnetic fields in the pulses? Or do the magnetic fields disappear and reappear once the pulses have left each other? Or can we have two electric currents travelling though each other in opposite directions in a single conductor, each generating their own magnetic field?

It will be very helpful if Professor Kiehn comments on any of the above.

2. New information, still within classical theory. 1 When electricity enters a capacitor, it first has to spread out across the capacitor plate. ; ; ; . This has been overlooked, even by Heaviside, for 150 years. 2. When a signal travels down a conductor in a printed circuit board in the presence of a second conductor, there are two velocities involved. 3. Maxwell’s Equations. Maxwell’s Equations revisited. . Also The Hidden Message in Maxwell’s Equations. . This was an extraordinary discovery. The Emperor had no clothes. The amount of information about electromagnetism in Maxwell’s Equations was minimal. This leads us to an oversight which makes the equations look to have more substance than they really have. 4. The Sign of Time. ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

3. New theory. 1. (Perhaps still within classical theory.) . When a charged coaxial cable is discharged, what comes out is half voltage and double length, indicating that the “steady charged capacitor” was not steady, but had energy vacillating from end to end. 2. Self resonant frequency does not exist in a capacitor. 3. A stationary electric field and a stationary magnetic field do not exist. The only thing which exists is an electromagnetic field ExH travelling at the speed of light. Any apparently steady field is the superposition of two such electromagnetic fields. 4.This is the historic advance, similar in importance to the removal of caloric or phlogiston. Theory C. When a battery lights a lamp, electricity is not involved in the transfer of energy. Electric charge and electric current are mathematical manipulations at the edge of an electromagnetic field. The equations used are Maxwell’s Equations.


This is not comprehensive, but merely illustrates the opportunity for confusion.

Ivor Catt   24 Febru8ary 2012