Three matters.

Vodafone refuse to give me back my £150.

Vodafone demand £24

Without warning, Vodafone refuse to accept money to top my mobile without a password, but only abroad.

However, Vodafone doesn’t seem interested, just sending me another demand for a further £24 on 15 June. Signed “Credit Control”

Vodafone steal from their customers.

Flixbus steal from their customers


Vodafone took over Demon, of whom I had been a customer for 20 years, having my website and my emails with them.

I have for years paid £12 per month by direct debit. I do not know about the relationship between Demon and Vodafone. Wikipedia says Demon is a brand name of Vodafone.

Vodafone handed over my business to Namesco, or at least Namesco told me they did, in early 2015. For a year, only my home page was available on the www, and the rest disappeared. I did not know this, because I only checked the home page during that year. So I was paying for the website but it was not there. I have four other websites elsewhere. Recently Namesco told me there was a technical difference between Demon and Namesco which was why my website disappeared. The man in Namesco told me the transfer had been a mess, and many customers were in trouble. He told me Demon were incompetent. He said the transfer to Namesco was in early 2015. I did not know about this. He said Namesco had being handling all my business for more than a year without payment. He told me that they knew the handover had been a mess. I should get my money back from Vodafone and then pay Namesco. To ensure that my emails and website continued to function, I suggested I pay him immediately, and paid him £47. He told me to go to Vodafone to get back my payments for the year, £150.

Recently Namesco told me they took over all my Demon business in early 2015. I told them Vodafone continued to take £12 by direct debit from my bank. Namesco told me I must stop the direct debit, which I did. I now continue to receive demands by letter for payment every month from Vodafone. Namesco tell me Vodafone did nothing for me since early 2015, and I must pay them instead, and get the money back from Vodafone. Fearing the disappearance of my website and emails, I suggested I immediately pay some money to Namesco, and paid them £47

I tried to get my £150 - £12 per month for a year, from Vodafone, and get the run around. I have spent more than eight hours on this, talking with Vodafone’s Mandy, Luciano, Megan, Peter, Nora, Thomas, Anne, and now Suman and Mark Thornley. Except for Suman, they all said there was no trace of me and my website etc. on their computer(s). However, Vodafone’s computers continued to take out £12 per month, and now send letters demanding £12 per month now that I have stopped the direct debit.

Vodafone’a Anne suggested I take a copy of my bank account to the Vodafone office in central St. Albans to prove that Vodafone had been taking money out of my account for a year while doing nothing for me. Like the others, she found no trace of me in Vodafone records. I went to the shop in St Peter’s St. The assistant manager told me she did not believe what I told her. Then her assistant ordered me out of the Vodafone shop (a customer of 20 years) and I left. 2.30pm today, Thursday 12 May 2016.

Suman told me to phone a number, but I told him I had called that number many times, and had had enough. I told him my telephone number, 01727 86427

I need a clear statement of what is going on, and repayment of the £150. The statement(s) will be added to this www page.

I am not a stupid fool of 80. I graduated in engineering from Cambridge, and designed and lectured on computers for 50 years.

This is a disgraceful story.

Ivor Catt

01727 864257

121 Westfields,

St. Albans AL3 4JR




Overdue Account 697993



14 June 2016Description:

Mark Thornley

Description: Attachments4:57 PM (4 hours ago)




to ivor


Dear Sirs,

With regards to the above account there remains an overdue balance totaling £24.00. Please make an immediate payment to clear the debt on your account and to prevent any further action from taking place.

If you would like to discuss the account or require any additional information please contact the credit control team on 0333 304 0842 or email

Failure to make payment or to contact us within five days may result in the disruption of your services.

Kind regards,

Mark Thornley
Credit Controller
Vodafone Limited
Telephone: 0333 304 0842

How to pay: You can make a payment online using a credit or debit card by logging into Please have your name,
address and invoice details available


I have now received a bill for –£180. I don’t know how to pay -£180.

I want my money.

Ivor Catt   12 July 2016


11 October 2016.

I found out the email address of the chief executive of Vodafone, and sent him this web page. Some time later I got a phone call asking for my bank detail so they could pay me the money. However, as far as I can see, they didn’t pay. – Ivor Catt



September 2017.

More trouble.

I was in Europe for six weeks, and relied on my Vodafone mobile. When I tried to top it up in Europe, as I have done easily in England for years, it demanded a password.

I have never been told what password I have. This made my mobile unusable, except when my partner called me on her mobile.

In this case, Vodafone was refusing to take money from me. At the same time, Vodafone refuses to give me back the £150 they owe me. – Ivor Catt


Three matters. They owe me £150

They demand £24

They refuse to accept money on my mobile.