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Ivor Catt,

121 Westfields,

St. Albans AL3 4JR


Lord Sumption,

House of Lords,

London SW1A 0PW


Dear Lord Sumption,

“…. what the scientists have said ….”

I am appalled at the way Evan Davis treated you.

Power has moved, not to scientists, but to Pop Scientists. I have personal knowledge of this, because pop scientists in high places, including Lord Rees and Sir Michael Pepper, have written nonsense to me;. Pop scientists like Brian Cox and Al Khalili control the BBC. Pop Scientists are a unanimous herd. The public, the politicians, peer reviewers and funding committees prefer the unanimity of pop science rather than the uncertainty in real science.  Pop science captured all the commanding heights of what was “science” in around 1965. The massive inflow of money attracted pop scientists, who preferred unanimity and career over scientific revolution. Under cover of the instrumentalist philosophy, they block scientific advance.

Lord Rees;

Sir Michael Pepper;

I admit that the brouhaha around Neil Ferguson of Imperial contradicts my thesis. However, this is a turf war to get the funding, not science. Generally, unscientific careerists are in control. Free, proper scientific discourse, for instance from those who try to suggest Covid19 has already swept across Europe, or the tests or vaccines will be faulty, is not allowed.

Ivor Catt

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