We need only one “Classical Electromagnetism”, not two.

Dear Archie,

I leave for six weeks in Sardinia on Wednesday, so I need to respond in a small way now rather than let the matter rest so long. As with the Italians, you move the goal posts. The issue has never been whether classical electromagnetism is wrong, but what classical electromagnetism is. When you were in charge of the Cavendish, Pepper worked for you. He wrote to me on cattq, http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/2812.htm saying the charge could not come from the left, because he said electricity would have to travel at the speed of light, therefore it came from the south. Similarly the late Morgenthaler. http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x6cz5.htm , senior IEEE recipient of $30,000,000 of research funding. Pepper’s southerner view is opposed by you and by Nobel prize winner Brian Josephson, both westerners. Also the Italian professors. http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x311a.htm , publishing in your IoP, who said that southerners like Pepper defied Gauss’s Law, so the charge must come from the west. Similarly Christopher Palmer. http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x2bg.pdf


http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/howie.htm This theory gives a very good account of many experimental observations. Of course by some amazing fluke it may still succeed when built on a foundation that you believe to be incorrect but so far I am not convinced.”


Ivor Catt has never voiced an opinion, but merely asks for the matter to be resolved, so that we will at last have a single “Classical Electromagnetism.” Today, a theory which cannot comment on how a computer signals to its printer down a USB cable is not fit for purpose.


Ivor Catt   14.4.2019