The field in a charged capacitor.




The field in a charged capacitor.

The field in  a charged capacitor is not an electric field. It is an electromagnetic field, composed of electric field in one dimension and magnetic field in another dimension, at right angles to the electric field.

You get an indication of this in Figure 3 of the second page of my article "Displacement Current". That article shows that while a capacitor is charging, electromagnetic field is vacillating from end to end of the capacitor at the speed of light (for the dielectric).

There is no mechanism for this reciprocating TEM Wave to slow down. It continues to be made up of electric field and magnetic field. Our instruments cannot measure such a magnetic field, because two equal magnetic fields are travelling through each other in opposite directions, and cancelling each other for the purpose of measurement by any instrument. The middle column of page 2 (which can be expanded) of my article "The Death of Electric Current" discusses the fact that when a capacitor discharges, it behaves as though half of its energy was previosly travelling in each direction at the speed of light, as indeed it was. Hopefully, this will be proved soon in a conclusive experiment.

Figures 7 and 8 from my book illustrate the same ideas.

Ivor Catt. 21st December 2009


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