HJ Josephs tried to glue me and Godel together.

Other “experts” do this – “discover” that one great man pre-empted another, and in the process attract the headlights on themselves. Technical weakness led Josephs to do such without having enough understanding of the two to know what he was doing.

Meanwhile everyone else in the world was too ignorant or lazy to care. Nobody cared about Heaviside.

Ivor Catt   23.11.2018    


IC But you see the trouble for me is that Josephs keeps sending me the same thing again and again, beautifully written, about Godel's theorem, and that, for instance, Heaviside pre-empted Godel. My position is, I go into science, and I find it's a gimcrack array of bits and pieces, including Godel's theorem and Uncertainty Principle and a bit of statistics and a bit of electromagnetism, sort of glued together, and then intoned into a liturgy. And I say, Well, so what if - 'cause you can never find out exactly what Godel's theorem is anyway - so what if Heaviside was there before Godel, do I respect Heaviside more or less? 'Cause Godel is one of those guys, like you talk on TV about you've suddenly discovered this brilliant scientist from Sidi Birani from 1570 or something which had this profound insight. And somehow it's glued onto me, trying to build high speed computers. The trouble with Josephs; he associates Godel's stuff with Ivor Catt's stuff. Now I know enough of Godel to say, "Hey, don't write a page which has Catt in it and Godel." Somehow Catt confirms Godel or Godelconfirms Catt. You see, Godel is a theory is incomplete, or it is internally inconsistent.