Problems for electricity.

This 20pp IEEE paper was published by Ivor Catt in 1967. It took him more than 40 years to realise that the third trace of Figure 29 showed that there were two electric currents travelling in opposite directions in the same conductor. Classical electromagnetism does not allow this. The photograph contradicts classical electromagnetism.

Ned Smith is told that in his IEEE PhD research, he must not investigate this. ; ; See figure 29. All annotations were added by Ned Smith, who first came across Ivor Catt’s work six months ago.  . The pulses attenuate significantly as they travel so far, 234 inches, about 5 meters, on a printed circuit board.

PhD researcher Ned Smith, funded by the IEEE, says the third trace shows two electric currents travelling in opposite directions down the same piece of conductor. All annotations were made by Ned.

Ned says “superposition of positive and negative pulses”, “superposition of the two pulses”. However, the photograph is of voltages. The oscilloscope detects voltages, not current. But they are all TEM waves. Every voltage has associated electric current with it.

Ivor Catt. 31 July 2018

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