W3 analysis etc.


Professors Tony, Alex, Oppo, and Dr. Chris,

When Chris Spargo said he would do the experiment W3,


http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x854w3.pdf   he triggered some of my best writing which has occupied me a great deal. http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x857.htm

 I decided  to not open the emails from Tony and Alex until later, and still have not opened the five or so emails, for which I apologise. However, it is possible that the various very important new ideas in x857 would not have come to me had I read your emails..


Some of the ideas are;

Academics betrayed the academic mafia for fear of Hitler at Calais, and advanced science, so betraying the academic community.

The advances had to be made away from academia, Bletchley, not Cambridge.

The advances had to be forgotten after the war, and the Bletchley equipment destroyed in order to save the Cambridge canon. Ricker says I am rediscovering what was known in Bletchley etc., and then forgotten.

A major scientific advance is very destructive, undermining career and reputation.

The IEEE and IEE are "scientific" communities, not scientific bodies. They protect each other against the poorest scientists and the leading scientists with various stratagems. At present we only know peer review being turned on its head, accepting defamation and misrepresentation.. 

Attr. Thomas Gold; "Scientists travel in tight formation"

There are two enemies of science - instrumentalists and careerists.


I hope you can distance yourselves from the personalities involved, and address the ideas in x857. My websites say that anyone disagreeing with anything on my website is welcome to have a hyperlink to a site of their choosing where they can comment. In view of the importance of x857, I do hope you will comment. This includes Professors Pieraccini,, Selleri, Pelosi, Moghaddam


On another matter, it would be very valuable if the Italians commented on the Wakefield experiment 3 results..


Ivor Catt   8 May 2018