There was an embargo on Ivor Catt for half a century. Then, pursuing “publish or perish”, three Florence professors, including an IEEE Associate Editor, comprehensively defamed him and misrepresented his work.

In a peer reviewed article, the Associate Editor Pelosi promoted a novel by his colleague, claiming it was a best seller, which said; M «Are you kidding “Nobody with an ounce of common sense would risk their career and scientific reputation to study the Catt anomaly” Massimo thought,  “and even if they were spending time on this, they wouldn’t be telling people about it”.

Associate Editor Pelosi, a colleague of the authors, published that Catt was “outside of academia and structured research”.


All this got through the “Peer Review” process. IEEE Peer Review and Editors have blocked Catt himself for half a century.

Ivor Catt  15 August 2017