"Why did you publish an ad hominem attack on me without first getting in touch with me?" - IC

" I did." - RS

You did not.

"it presented several views of the controversies involved -- analysis of what had been published both in print and online about your theory" - RS

"The Catt Question," which your authors renamed "Catt's anomaly", is not a theory. A question was asked for clarification of classical theory, and contradictory answers were delivered by accredited experts - southerner and westerner. The question was very simple; When a battery lights a lamp, where does the negative charge on the bottom conductor come from? The westerner answer which your authors published had already been supplied in 1995 by McEwan . Your authors pretended that Pepper supported them, concealing the fact that Sir Michael Pepper, knighted for services to physics, whom they called "a renowned scientist", contradicted both your authors and McEwan This was gross obfuscation.


"“analysis of what had been published both in print From 1982 when it was discovered until you published it in 2012  30 years later, nothing was published in peer reviewed journals on "The Catt Question", or, for that matter, on Catt. This was for good reason, as your author said in his novel;


"Since I don't believe any action other than following the procedure for making a comment would be productive at this point, please be advised that I will probably ignore any future communications from you on this matter that are not directly associated with following the procedure. I suggest others do the same." - RS

All comment by you will be invaluable in the advance of science. However, I feel sure that your priority is you career, not science. As your author said in his novel, everything you dowhich involves Catt will, damage you career and reputation.  «Are you kidding “Nobody with an ounce of common sense would risk their career and scientific reputation to study the Catt anomaly” Massimo thought,  “and even if they were spending time on this, they wouldn’t be telling people about it”.


Since for fifty years everyone else knew that Catt must be asserted to not exist, let alone "The Catt Question", why did you get caught up in it? I think I have found the answer.


We all know you will cut your losses by going incommunicado. Pepper has done so for 20 years.

Ivor Catt