20 February 2017


Ivor Catt

6:42 PM (1 minute ago)

to massimiliano.p., stefano.selleri, Giuseppe, bcc: Forrest, bcc: Stephen, bcc: Anthony, bcc: Brian, bcc: Christopher, bcc: David, bcc: David, bcc: John, bcc: Greg, bcc: Mike, bcc: HARRY, bcc: jack.dinsdale, bcc: Steve, bcc: Malcolm, bcc: Monika, bcc: Monica

Dear Professors Pieraccini, Selleri, Pelosi,

I need your reply to

If I need to deliver an item in a certain time, it is no use dispatching two items at half the necessary speed. Nothing will arrive on time. I will add your replies to  www.ivorcatt/x64f11.htm

Thank you.

28.11.2017.  No reply received from these three rogues.  Ivor Catt