On further inspection of Miles Mathis, I find that he embraces the usual array of conspiracy ideas, like the one that the landing on the moon was staged in a theatre, that twin towers were dynamited by the CIA etc. This is very significant. I happen to be a dissident over AIDS and Climate change. I find that those who support my electromagnetic theory, which I am convinced is not fantasy, but major scientific breakthrough, tend to have wowsy tendencies. It appears that those who are capable of “thinking outside the box” become vulnerable to everything outside the box; valid suppressed paradigm shift like my  electromagnetic theory, but also the invention of new religions, conspiracy theories about twin towers or the moon landing. The very psychosis (fear of anything different) which prevents the majority from thinking through my revolutionary electromagnetic theory rationally, also protects them from crank theory.

The man who has written the best analysis of censorship in science http://www.big-lies.org/   also says the Holocaust did not occur.

Ivor Catt   20 December 2013.