Davidson, Catt, Walton did extensive work in electromagnetic theory. They could not get their work through peer (consensus) review, through people like Howie. . However, they published every month in "Wireless World" for ten years, circulation 60,000. .  There was virtually no comment from academia. 

Catt then looked into Maxwell's Equations. Knowing that analysis of his equations was not allowed ("outrageous" according to Howie), Catt published under his single name, leaving Davidson, Walton unscathed by the probable reaction. But there was no reaction to , for instance from Howie. So after waiting five years, Catt tried again with  . There was no scientific response from Howie or anyone else. Howie merely called the second attempt to get competent comment "outrageous".

That is where we stand now, except that their work is now published in The Royal Society. No one (including Howie) will comment on ;   that there is no such a thing as a static electric field in a capacitor.  

But Howie is an FRS. As ex head of the Cavendish, will he try to get his Royal Society to retract the Yakovlev article? . The editor does not reply when I attempt to communicate with him. 

Ivor Catt  8.8.2020