Electromagnetic Theory's unfortunate history.




Faraday’s Law

Recently I have looked more closely at Faraday’s famous experiment leading to Faraday’s Law. My conclusion is that if the primary and secondary are wound on the same core, then I show that changing magnetic field does not cause electricity. Rather, a TEM Wave entering the primary generates, or is converted into, a TEM Wave i8n the secondary. In both cases, the TEM Wave has an electric field and a magnetic field.

What I do not consider, in this analysis, is the case where a toroid of magnetic material has its primary coil on the right and its secondary coil on the left. Then it is no longer clear that the only fields involved are electromagnetic, not magnetic.

This leads to the more general point, that in all of my electromagnetic theory the magnet, or magnetic material, is largely ignored.

The summary is that one can get electromagnetic induction without the conventional idea, that changing magnetic field causes electricity. The case of the toroidal transformer needs more analysis.

Ivor Catt 20 December 2009.


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