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The Sine Wave

Ivor Catt 14 November 2008

The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th Edition 2002, vol. 11, page 901;

"Transverse Wave, motion in which all points on a wave oscillate along paths at right angles to the direction of the wave's advance .... .... electromagnetic (e.g. radio and light) waves are examples of transverse waves.

A simple transverse wave can be represented by a sine or cosine curve. .... .... Frequency .... .... Transverse waves may also be complex, in which the curves representing them are composed of two or more sine or cosine curves. .... "


In "The Catt Question" , a TEM step is involved. This seems to be excluded by the definition of the Transverse Wave, above. More generally, the version of the TEM Wave which was christened "The Heaviside Signal" by me in the article "The Heaviside Signal" is similarly excluded, with "The Rolling Wave", also in that article, the victor. In my article, I say that; "Our inability to drive a medium except periodically insinuated itself into our group psyche, until we came to assert that nature was periodic (and even that it was sinusoidal)."

This is extraordinary, because I researched the interconnection of high speed (1 nsec) logic gates at Motorola, Phoenix, in the 1960s, forty years ago. To retain signal purity, we interconnected our logic gates via a uniform transmission line; two uniform conductors uniformly spaced. The classic signal is a step from false to true, or from zero to one, from 0 volts to 5v. Forty years later, this is not only excluded from the Britannica definition of a transverse wave. It still remains excluded from all college and university courses and text books throughout the world. In text books, Omega, implying frequency, appears unannounced on page 2. Thereafter, the only waveform considered is the sine wave. What follows is a gargantuan array of complex mathematics which has nothing to do with the simple, straightforward case of a logic step advancing down a transmission line at the speed of light. This case is excluded, along with what I learned from that case during the last forty years, culminating in "Theory C", which has massive implications but is ignored.



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