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    However, I digress. I can certainly understand why experts have not been
forthcoming in correcting you in your confusion about the "Catt Anomaly". In
the first place the responses you have had to your problem seem to have been
coerced rather than volunteered. In the second place your treatment of these
answers is at best rude, and perhaps more libellous than anything else. This
is hardly the way to "make friends and influence people".



Answer from Ivor Catt.

This matter was handled very carefully, in order to keep the record straight in the face of smears such as the one above.


I never chose, or communicated with, McEwan or Pepper. They were chosen by their superiors to write about "The Catt Question".


Unsolicited letter from Pepper

"Dear Mr Catt, As a Trinity physicist the Master suggested that I might provide some comments on the questions raised in your recent letter to him on aspects of electromagnetic theory." - Pepper


Unsolicited letter from McEwan

"Dear Kathy, John Gardiner has passed this on to me - I think I can claim to be reasonably competent to discuss it." - McEwan


I was extremely careful to not give anyone justification for such smears, since such smears were applied to Heaviside in the same discipline when he was suppressed. I did not communicate with either Pepper or McEwan until a great many years after they had potificated on "The Catt Question".


Ivor Catt 10 July 2009